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To one of the best

good person in my life

is dedicated

Quincy Larson

The man who doing the world better

Quincy Larson. Founder of freeCodeCamp

Quincy Larson is the teacher and ‘guy who started it’ - freeCodeCamp, where people learn to code and help nonprofits. He’s worked as a software engineer at various companies and a teacher at various schools, but is more known for his approachable technical videos and well written essays on the state of tech. Almost a million people use freeCodeCamp every month to learn to code.

Quincy Larson is “The Code Coach”

To learn more about Quincy Larson and freeCodeCamp, head over to their Wikipedia pages to learn more.

Quincy Larson - freeCodeCamp

Written with proud and respect by Vyacheslav Plekhanov.

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Best regards from Russia, 2018